Accelerating Enrollments and Scaling Up

The online microbiology and cell science undergraduate program at the University of Florida (UF) partnered with Apollidon to accelerate their current enrollment numbers and scale up their program.

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Increasing brand Awareness

Apollidon helped increase the brand awareness of a new, online program with less than a month until its launch, while tripling the projected number of enrollments for its inaugural semester.

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Invigorating Existing Programs

Apollidon’s partnership with the forensic science graduate program at the University of Florida (UF) has helped it become the world’s largest online forensic science program in the world. See how Apollidon invigorated UF’s forensic science program after it hit an enrollment ceiling in 2008.

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Market Segmentation

Partnering with Apollidon helped Oregon State University (OSU) to grow enrollments through corporate and group sales for their HR Management skills for pharmacists online course.

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