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Who We Are

We call ourselves the “Apollidon Nation” because our commitment is to high-quality education, and it is our belief that technology-driven education IS the future of education. Apollidon partners with institutions of higher learning to deliver effective marketing outreach for new and existing education programs. Our mission is simple: to connect students and faculty around the world to leading educational programs.

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Program Exclusivity

We dedicate our resources to your program and no others like it

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Data Analytics

See results in real time with transparent data analytics

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Risk-Free Partnership

Jumpstart revenue with the most cost-effective solutions on the market

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Diversity Ratios

Accelerate enrollments and exceed your institution's diversity goals

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Program Differentiation

Catapult your program to new heights with comprehensive market research and competitive insights

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12425 Racetrack Road, Suite #102 | Tampa, FL 33626

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