Apollidon has an undisputed record of delivering results. Every program has resulted in sustained growth for our university partners. Our achievements are directly related to the commitment to the highest quality of marketing, market research, and continuous innovation in our approach to reaching the right prospective students with the right messages at the right time.

Program Exclusivity
Dedicated resources who work on your programs exclusively

Apollidon’s total commitment to our institution partners with the revenue-share model is unique in today’s OPM market. Our exclusivity by program means that Apollidon will only represent one program of its kind. This ensures that all work on our client’s behalf is totally dedicated to finding and supporting students for their programs. Prospective leads for online education are not shared with other institutions or programs.

Risk-Free Partnership
Jumpstart revenue with the most cost-effective solutions in the market

In addition to our flexible fee-for-service options, Apollidon offers extraordinary customer service and a world-class support structure at no risk to our clients. Our university partner fee structure is simple, straightforward, and all-inclusive. We employ a tuition share model so there are no upfront costs. Our extensive marketing, market research, student support, enrollment, retention, loyalty and specialized technology services are included in our OPM model.

Program Differentiation
Comprehensive market research, complete with competitive insights that catapult your program to new heights

Our experience includes online, hybrid and interdisciplinary graduate education in a variety of STEM credentials. Knowledge capital in complex fields of study is critical to reducing the cycle time to enrollment results. Our market research team has developed proprietary competitor benchmarking and website evaluation tools critical to spotlighting calls-to-action. Apollidon also provides viability assessments at the program, college, or institutional level utilizing primary and secondary research.

Diversity Ratios
Accelerate and exceed your institution's diversity goals

Apollidon understands that higher education institutions have multiple objectives to attain in addition to sustainable enrollments. For example, our marketing efforts have consistently helped our clients attain their student diversity goals. Case studies of diversity improvements are available upon request.

Data Analytics
See results in real time with complete transparency of data analytics

Apollidon is totally passionate about real-time analytics and the insights that helps our clients stay ahead of the competition. Apollidon also developed a customized Student Relationship Management (“SRM”) infrastructure for online higher education that manages the full cycle of student information, from interest and engagement activities to graduation and alumni information. This enables our real-time analytics, allowing Apollidon to maximize enrollments every semester, and catapult our client’s programs to leaders in their fields of study.