Apollidon understands that universities and their education programs are unique and need different levels of marketing and service support. That’s why we’ve created partnering packages that are just right for you. Additionally, you can always contact Apollidon and we can help match your educational programs with the right platform to get you started.


Market Research

Market research

  • Program viability
  • Audience identification and segmentation
  • Demographic and competitive analysis
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Targeted market comparative assessments

Marketing/business plan development

  • Including pricing research and recommendations depending on specific requirements and size of program
  • On-going student demographic analysis

Primary market research (additional fee for service)

  • Develop questionnaire
  • Administration and analysis

Program Branding

Custom program branding

  • Identity creation
  • Digital adaptation of branding
  • Custom graphic design activities
  • Branding guideline creation

Brand identity market testing (per audience)

Media Planning, Buying, Implementation

Comprehensive media planning, development, and execution

  • Content, communication and messaging strategy
  • Marketing channel analysis and optimization
  • Print and online advertising creation and media mix
  • Marketing Maintenance
  • Branding guideline creation

Public Relations

  • Identification of relevant media and associated contacts
  • Press releases, managing collateral placement, managing abstracts, and updates

Conference Event Planning and Management

  • Conference research, profiling and analytics
  • Planning
  • Exhibiting management
  • Promotional material development (flyers, banners, conference materials, booth displays)
  • Student and alumni event planning
  • Attendance by marketing representative
  • Lead retrieval
  • Lead tracking

Arranging speaking engagement for university personnel (if required)

Lead Management

  • Lead/list management in accordance with CAN-SPAM regulation, identifying new leads, and retrieving

Lead cultivation

  • Content strategy
  • Content creation and curation
  • On-going targeted messaging to managed lists
  • Comprehensive reporting

Corporate Marketing/Business Development

  • Corporate lead identification and outreach
  • Corporate event management
  • Partnership and association identification
  • Relationship management
  • Custom marketing materials
  • Development and administration of new interactive models

Website Development and Management

Custom website design, which adapts design and image selection

Standard HTML website development:

  • Including lead capture and integration of tracking mechanisms.
  • User requirements
  • Technical specifications
  • Architecture and navigation specifications
  • QA Testing

Development of microsites

Maintenance of website, landing page development, on-going modifications, and website analysis

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEO audit report

  • Conversion optimization
  • In-depth keyword research
  • Development and implementation of content strategies

Search Engine Marketing – SEM

  • Display advertising
  • PPC maintenance across strategic networks
  • Lead tracking and analysis

Social Media Optimization – SMO

  • Social media engagement and advertising
  • Design and implementation
  • Analytics
  • Benchmarking and reporting
  • Lead tracking

Mobile Strategies

  • Planning and developing a mobile marketing strategy
  • Mobile landing pages and mobile advertising maintenance
  • Mobile development of custom applications (additional fee for service)

Video Production

  • Production of video for program advertisement using client content. (Original productions require a fee for service.)

Student and Alumni Communities

  • Community forums development; cost per forum website
  • Community forum maintenance
  • Student event planning including dinners and graduation events; price does not include direct costs
  • Student and alumni newsletter creation and distribution; cost per newsletter
  • Student course satisfaction surveys and polls, analysis, and interpretation

Admission Services

  • Support for integrated and prospective students through admission
  • Process/system analysis, advice and support
  • Contact and student tracking inbound and outbound
  • Application; registration; and bill payment

Online Program Development (additional fee for service)

  • 24/7/365 application service provider environment
  • LMS and course delivery software implementation and maintenance
  • Program assessment
  • Program design
  • Program development
  • Implementation on of program modules in LMS
  • Evaluation and management of program, with full transcription and reporting (SCORM compliance)