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Asked Questions

How do I take my on-campus course to online?

Apollidon can assist you with developing a plan to move your course from committee to reality. We counsel you on available resources and prepare comprehensive research to identify your market and how best to reach it. Our experienced Apollidon team combines your expertise with our best practices to handle every aspect of the marketing process from student recruitment through retention.

Why do I need marketing for my online program?

University marketing departments usually focus on marketing the brand of a university, or a particular college. You need marketing that will focus on your individual course or program to find the right students at the right time and fill the seats in your virtual classroom. Marketing online programs goes beyond basic branding. Potential students have to know that your program exists. Apollidon can accelerate the awareness of your program, both nationally and internationally, all while maintaining your academic institutions' brand standards.

What specific services will you provide to reach my student base?

We manage your media by utilizing tools and functions such as, but not limited to, website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO) and comprehensive tracking analytics. We also handle database management (lead generation, nurturing and cultivation and apps2enroll automation.) Rely on our digital marketing experts to help grow your enrollments.

How long will it take to build my student base?

This timeline is different for every course and program. It takes time to build up to an optimal number of students for every course. Our experience has shown that for new online programs never before offered, it can take as long as six to eight months from contract to enrollment to build a student base.

What is a no-risk model?

Marketing is expensive, and budgets are getting cut every semester. We don't get paid until you get students into your program. By partnering with Apollidon, we assume the financial risk upfront and participate in a revenue share model with your university. Universities know and do education best. Apollidon does marketing best. We complement each other. And together, it's a partnership built on achieving the best results possible.

What's different about STEM online programs versus other online programs?

Audience profiling is an art form, especially when finding and engaging professionals for STEM online programs. We understand the accreditation, certifications and professional requirements students need to advance their STEM careers.

Is there a way to handle the lab and clinical requirements of an online STEM program?

Many online programs have developed creative ways to help students complete their lab and clinical requirements. We can help share the various successful options universities are using today.

What's the best way to get started with Apollidon?

via phone or email or by messaging us on our website. Let's start the dialogue about how we can help and share what we've learned.

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