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Education Consulting Services

Apollidon provides a comprehensive menu of consulting services that clients can choose either through a fee-for-service arrangement or, after a scoping proposal is developed and accepted, a fixed bid not-to-exceed.

The four major consulting service areas include:

Market Research

Expert data analysts utilize the latest in primary and secondary market research methodologies to deliver the most up-to-date information regarding program demand and market sizing, target audience and student profiling, competitor analyses and overall industry insights.

Demand assessments and market sizing

The overarching objective is to map and measure the demand for online programs in order to generate sustainable enrollments. Apollidon conducts exhaustive secondary market research as well as primary market research via surveys, focus groups, etc. Understanding the current and future market sizing provides valuable input for university financial planning.

Audience segmentation and student profiles

Equally critical to online program success is the ability to determine potential target audiences with the highest propensity of students and enrollments. Within each of those segments, detailed student profiles assist with enabling highly cost-effective marketing efforts.

Competitor analyses and watch lists

Dynamic markets like higher education are witnessing a significant increase in new competitor entries. Apollidon identifies all institutions offering similar (or soon-to-be) competitive offerings. Detailed reports include comparative information on tuition, admission requirements, enrollments, program attributes, unique value propositions, etc. Many institutions could be in the planning stages for new competitive programs, and Apollidon can provide clients with watch lists in an effort to prepare for future competition.

Website evaluations and recommendations

University websites must be compelling in their messaging to capture the attention of prospective students and convey the content they need to make investment decisions. Apollidon has a proven methodology for providing clients with a scorecard in four areas: content, design, navigation and technology. Clients are also provided a comprehensive list for website improvements, and if required, Apollidon has the web development resources to make these improvements.

Benchmarking services

Apollidon has developed proprietary methodologies for benchmarking institutions, colleges, fields of study and/or specific online programs. Our Quadrant Insights allow clients to easily see their market positioning, competitive benchmarks, institution clustering, and the required attributes to gain leadership positioning on a single graph. These Quadrant Insights are dynamic, demonstrating market changes over time and providing early indicators of commoditization or potentially emerging fields of study (e.g., hybrid fields).

Strategic Planning

By integrating market research results, recommendations can then be made about the direction, challenges and opportunities of a specific online program.

Strategic advisory services

Business plans for institutional approvals are growing in complexity and requirements. Apollidon can assist as a third-party consultant by providing the information needed to support online program requests. For example, Apollidon can provide:

  • program viability assessments

  • competitive positioning reports

  • infrastructure and technology reviews

Thought leadership

With increased competition, a unique value proposition is essential for online programs in today’s connected world. Apollidon has proven expertise in the world of thought leadership. We offer services to assist with the thought leadership planning of multi-faceted, calendared programs. Our team of expert content creators, writers and editors can create institution-branded articles, white papers, press releases, annual reports, social media posts and general web content. Using multiple media distribution channels, Apollidon can help build high-profile brands for institutions, programs and faculty.

Online Program Development

Pre-work and planning are critical for successfully launching an online program, meeting financial projections and ensuring sustainability. During the initial stages of online program development, we focus primarily on marketing, operational efficiency and student support services.

Operational requirements

Apollidon’s proven experience enables us to offer consulting services to our clients and has given us insight into the resources needed to successfully launch a program. For example, course calendaring and program options (e.g., non-degree, certificates, etc.) can make or break cohort sizing. Other areas of support include workflow process mapping, customer relationship marketing (CRM) and program production scheduling. Apollidon can also assist with an objective understanding of the benefits and caveats of providing all online program management services in-house or partnering with a third-party provider that can share the risk of new online ventures.

Marketing plans

Launching an online program requires comprehensive market planning. The required resources for the initial phases of a successful program launch can be daunting. Apollidon’s fee-for-service option can help with the overflow. One area that is critically important for online programs is the SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) strategy. Apollidon can assist clients with:

  • SEO/SEM strategies

  • marketing strategy plans

  • brand standards and guidelines

  • content and websites

  • social media and digital strategies

  • media channel management

Response management and accompanying analytics are important for fiscal management. Apollidon can either support an institution’s performance management system or provide a secure data analytics platform and monitor marketing results on behalf of the institution.

Student services support requirements

Research confirms that institutions that proactively manage inbound and outbound student communications have the highest percentage of student applications. Student communications can start before the prospective student candidate is even aware of online program options. Technology is available today that can support prospects from first touch to enrollment. Apollidon can assist in this area by providing overflow services for student support services or assisting with the workflow mapping of institutional processes that will best facilitate student conversions.

Dashboards, Analytics & Technology Support

As a member of the Salesforce Partner Community, Apollidon has technology experts to assist with data analytics and the report generation and technology integration of existing or new systems to ensure the highest support for new programs.

Dashboards, reports and data analytics

As programs and enrollments grow, reporting program performance analytics is paramount. Creating the right set of performance metrics and data analytics with accompanying dashboards that provide accurate, real-time statuses of program progress are essential for program growth. Apollidon can assist with this function and/or provide analyst services to convert data into reports.

Technology integration and support

When implementing online programs, complex issues can arise with institutional legacy application and registration systems. Workarounds are inevitable, making workflow process mapping and technology integration a critical component to connect online students to institution CRM services and student information systems (SIS). Apollidon technology experts can recommend the best solutions based on system availability. Apollidon has had considerable experience integrating with various institutions’ enterprise IT systems (e.g., converting Salesforce-certified systems into a unique student relationship management (SRM) system). Advisory services are available to evaluate, test and select alternative options for secure, FERPA-compliant, SaaS third-party platforms that can easily integrate into existing systems and support new programs.

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