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Consulting Services

Custom Web Development

Websites for higher education institutions incorporate a range of technologies that manage marketing, registration, ecommerce activities and more in order to engage and serve prospective students, existing students, faculty and alumni. We develop customized web development solutions unique to the needs of your institution that embrace automation, create efficiencies and enhance student journeys.

We specialize in higher education websites, operating under the knowledge that no two institutions are systematically identical. We create unique solutions to your unique institutional challenges. These challenges can be met using your preferred technologies or through solutions suggested by our team of experts.

Front-End Custom Development

The front-end of a website refers to any functionality seen or interacted with by users, such as drop-down menus and filtration systems. These elements combine to create a User Experience (UX), which can either positively or negatively affect a user's opinion of your institution. We carefully craft each component based on data and user analytics to ensure that we provide an easily navigable, user-friendly experience from entry to conversion.

Customized front-end development requires adaptable developers. In addition to using common front-end development technologies, our team is constantly researching and integrating unique solutions to address specific institutional business problems.

Technologies often used by our team of front-end web developers include but are not limited to:

  • React.js

  • PHP

  • Headless CMS

  • Responsive Web Design

Back-End Custom Programming

Back-end development is what happens behind the curtain. This complex, server-side programming connects front-end elements to dynamically display the data as requested by the user through the front-end elements. Adding this layer of development to your website enhances UX and provides deeper engagement, often increasing conversion rates. These customizations also integrate in-house data systems, ensuring any data displayed on the site is current.

Our back-end web development team utilizes JAM stack methodology for high-performing, secure, scalable websites. This empowers us to create highly unique, customized website functionality to deliver unbeatable user experiences.

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