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Why Established Universities Should Offer Their Programs Online

Still unsure about offering your programs online? Perhaps you haven’t considered some of the distinct advantages you’ll be able to provide to current and prospective students as an established university. Below we’ll outline a few of the substantial benefits that your online students can enjoy and the corresponding advantages to your institution.

The 24/7, Anywhere Classroom

The convenience and flexibility of online learning are unequalled. Students appreciate the ability to complete their program from virtually any location at any hour of the day, and some may even opt out of returning to the traditional campus-based classroom after completing an online program. Anyone with professional or personal commitments—and that certainly describes most students—can benefit from the self-paced study opportunities that online learning alone offers.

Extended Reach

Putting your programs online will give countless more students the chance to attend a quality university—and translate to higher enrollment potential for your institution. Not every student is willing or able to relocate for college, but with an online modality, they don’t have to. If your institution is situated in a small town and you have a student body made up primarily of local and in-state students, going online provides the opportunity to become a university of national and global reach.

Bragging Rights

A university that’s considered established has been in operation for many years, during which time it has garnered a positive, trusted reputation. Institutions held in the highest esteem are accredited, public, not-for-profit universities. These distinctions help a university stand apart to prospective students. By offering high-quality programs online, your accredited public institution can boast these significant advantages:

Awards Transferrable Credits

Any of your graduates may choose to pursue a higher level of study in the future, e.g., a master’s or doctoral degree, at another institution. If so, they will expect the credits they’ve earned at your university to transfer to any other program. This is not the case for most unaccredited and for-profit institutions, from which credits do not typically transfer. Alumni of these programs end up wasting time and money by repeating courses or quitting their higher educational pursuits entirely. Your accredited public university can offer your graduates the peace of mind of knowing that their credits are likely to transfer elsewhere.

Looks Better on a Resume

Established universities are more likely to attract the attention of potential employers on a resume. With their competitive admissions policies, academic rigor, and high-profile professors and graduates, these institutions are a marker of a high-quality candidate for employment. The same cannot be said of for-profit universities, which have become synonymous with high-cost, low-quality education, and are not generally trusted regardless of their years in existence.

Features World-Class Faculty and a Robust Curriculum

Established universities often attract the nation’s top educators, including renowned researchers, authors, and public speakers, which translates to a top-quality education for students. Further, these experts develop online program curriculum that synthesizes historical data with the latest research in their respective fields to provide students with the broadest possible perspective in their chosen discipline.

Puts Resources Into the Technical Aspects of Online Programs

An established university is more likely to invest its resources into a secure, reliable online learning management system and provide students with easy access to support services whenever needed.

Your Experienced, Reliable Partner

Apollidon Learning has spent years supporting accredited public universities in establishing online programs, building distinctive brands, and attracting and retaining students. (Proven in retention strategies, we can even help you persuade students considering an outside graduate program, as mentioned above, to stay at your university instead of transferring to another.) We’re ready to do the same for your respected institution.

Our diverse, experienced team can tailor our services to help you expand your enrollments as a provider of exceptional online programs. Let us show you how!

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